Whether you are looking for ways to make your current home more energy efficient or planning to build a new “green” home, Berry Home Centers has the products and resources you need. Visit one of our stores today to learn more about the advantages of “going green” on your next project.

For the Builder

Green building is one of the fastest growing markets in residential construction—and its popularity in the current economic climate even in a down market, 70% of home buyers said they were “more or much more inclined” to buy a green home over a conventional home. By making building choices that are sustainable, energy-efficient, and resource-efficient, you can greatly increase your marketability and improve your bottom line. Berry Home Centers is your source for green building products and solutions for building high-performance homes.

For the Homeowner
Owning a green home will drastically reduce your energy consumption—and your energy bills over time. A green home incorporates sustainable products that require less maintenance and are made to last longer than some conventional materials. You are also eligible for tax credit savings when you build green.
Green building resources:

NAHB Green Building Guide

U.S. Green Building Council